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In its April 2015 budget, the Nova Scotia government effectively gutted its Film Tax Credit. As of April 23, it appears they have regained some sanity and will be moving to a 25-30% "total spend" grant model similar to Alberta. There's many other places where you can find out more about this colossal government blunder; but here's some resources to help try make sense of the situation. I'm continually adding things as I get time.

Department of Finance stonewalling - full correspondence on my futile attempts to get additional basic data from the department.

Contra Finance - comments on the press backgrounder from the Finance Department

Compiled data (numbers from various sources)

Comparison with Manitoba (and their economic impact analysis)

My Presentation to Law Amendments Committee (May 5, PDF)

Tax Credit calculator (old vs. new, provincial comparisons)

Informative videos (from Screen Nova Scotia)

links to useful references