An attempt to try and ballpark Nova Scotia tax-credit impact based on a comprehensive economic analysis of the Manitoba industry, which was of similar size and tax-credit provisions. Hampered by current lack of basic summary data from the NS film credit.

Numbers refer to either the entire industry, which includes production which does not flow through the tax credit, or specifically from the tax credit program.

... Manitoba Average
2008-09 to 2012-13
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia
Production volume total budget, not all necessarily spent in province
$108.6 million $139 million ???
(tax-credit sector only) $75.8 $109.5 ???
Local expenditure $69.1 million ???
(tax-credit sector only) ??? $66.8 million ???
Direct labour income
estimate from modelling
$42.4 million
(tax-credit sector only) $39.4 million $60 million?
Total Employment FTEs [direct + spinoff] 1267 [806+460] 2730 [1140+1590] 1800?
(tax-credit sector only) 1300 [550+750]
GDP (including indirect/induced) $71.4 million ?
(tax-credit sector only) ? $69 million $100 million?
Provincial investment $17.2 million
($15 million film tax credit,
$2.2 MFM equity program)
$15.2 million
$23.5 million
Tax revenues (provincial/local, including indirect) $14.36 million
87% recovery rate
20 million?
(tax-credit sector only) $13.3 million
Manitoba numbers from "Snapshot 2013", an economic impact analysis of the Manitoba Film Credit.
Nova Scotia Film Tax Credit costs from the official Public Accounts, 2013-14 (Supplementary) and Budget Assumptions and Schedules, 2015-16.
Nova Scotia expenditure and wage/salary amounts from story.
2014-15 numbers in italic are scaled up by 55%, the difference between the tax credit cost in 2013-14 and 2014-15. There's no assurance the rest of the numbers will scale equivalently.
Numbers in orange are pro-rated from the Manitoba results. No impact analysis for Nova Scotia available.